Welcome to the first Chinese School in Cyprus since 2011!

As China increasingly plays a more important role both politically and economically in the world stage, study of the Chinese language has boomed around the world. In light of this new situation, the Chinese School has initiated programs that are open to learners without Chinese background but who would learn more about the Chinese language and culture. 

We provide Chinese language and cultural courses based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our school ensures all learners have the best access to a Chinese learning opportunity:  

  • Classes integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary with accelerated teaching methods, and experienced teachers who are native Chinese speakers. 
  • Listening and speaking skills are emphasized to enable learners to attain communicative proficiency.
  • Classes will be given mainly in Chinese so students can get used to communicate in Chinese. When necessary, explanation in English or Greek can also be given. 

For the moment, we focus on standard Chinese spoken and written in mainland China (i.e. Mandarin Chinese). Cantonese (spoken in Hong Kong and Southern China) will also be given for some specific programs. 

Classes will be running at the Nicosia center. 

We make the “difficult” Chinese learning simple and fun, and we look forward to seeing you here at the Chinese School! 

"Look to the future and learn Mandarin", an article published on Cyprus Mail on 3 June 2012. Download to read here.